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Producing Podcasts is f**king hard

We make it easy.

Here is what we do to make your Podcast look & feel great.

Simply record your podcast and send it to us. We’ll do the rest.


Share your podcast files with us so you can focus on creating more


Our editing includes audio editing, color grading, intro, outro & end screens, adding reference images or videos

Micro Content

We create Reels, Tiktoks, IGTVs, Fillers and YouTube clips from your pillar podcast.


We provide you with podcast timestamps, Social media post description, hashtags, stories and much more


I'm Ayush, host a Kayroz Podast and a Audio/Video editor with some magical affinity to create beautiful sites.
Podcasts are becoming a billion dollar industry. But there’s a lot more than just great content that goes into making a great podcast. And the recipe for a great podcast has

  • Rich audio
  • Sharp video
  • Fruity cover art
  • Robust website
  • Contact me for

    Podcast Editing

    Doesn't matter whether you record a simple Zoom call or have a professional studio setup. You should spend more time creating content and less time editing video & audio with our services today.

    How to make podcast audio impactful?
    • It communicates with your audience (they can relate to it)
    • It allows your listeners to imagine what they will find behind it.
    • It is legible and understandable with least effort
    Why video podcasts are preferable?
    Video podcasts are an amazing way to generate waterfall content for your podcast. Making short-clips opens the door to exposure with platforms like Tiktok , Insta Reels and YouTube shorts to gain new audience. Here are some types of Podcasts:
    • Interview
    • Solo Storytelling
    • Animation/B-rolls
    • Remote Interviews
    Where to edit your videos?

    After shooting the entire episode, what you need to do is sit back open up a Video editing software such as Premiere pro or Resolve, research on what you are going to put in it, remove the bad frames with b-rolls, animate the images and add whoosh sounds, add all credentials and ending.

    Sounds very tough and tiring..? 

    Let the pros like me handle the editing while you do what you do best, Create quality content

      Cover Arts

      Despite all the quotes that teach us differently, we still judge books by their cover... and people browsing through podcast apps, looking for their next favorite show are certainly judging yours by its cover

      What makes a good art work?
      • It communicates with your audience (they can relate to it)
      • It allows your listeners to imagine what they will find behind it.
      • It is legible and understandable with least effort
      How to make your cover art?

      I am a designer at heart, I will create something that will convey your vibe and it will speak for itself, Let's talk.


      DIY :

      1. Find inspiration at Pinterest, Dribbble, Behance etc.
      2. Learn Adobe Ps & Ai or some software
      3. Get wild & create.
      Remember these constraints
      • Keep your artwork in a square format i.e., 1x1
      • Make your artwork 3000X3000px 72dpi to make it crisp ( you can get by with 1400x1400)
      • Export in JPG or PNG (PNG is better)
      • It should be utilizing RGB color space


      The right thumbnail will not only attract more audience but the right one and It will make you podcast look a lot more professional, while giving the vibe of your conversations.

      Podcast Episodes edited
      Hear what our customers have to say.

      Some Tips

      A podcast intro — also known as a podcast introduction, open, or opening -- tells listeners the name of your show, what it's about, the name of the host(s), and sets the tone for your podcast.
      A podcast to remember — always try to provide your listeners value or make them have a good time listening to you, keep conversations interesting, be energetic in your tone, remember to have fun.
      A podcast outro — Last chance at the end of your show to tell listeners where they can learn more about the topic or you, tell them where they can find previous shows, & invite them back for your next show.
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